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New Zealand's temperate climate, high rainfall, clean waters, fertile soil and low population density offer ideal conditions for premium food and beverage production.

When combined with the expertise of our producers, the result is some of the best-tasting dairy, meat, seafood, wine, fruit and vegetables the world has to offer.

We export more than half the food we produce, delivering high-quality food and beverage products to millions of people in more than 120 countries. We're a world leader in dairy-based products like butter, cheese, milk powder, processed dairy products and nutritional formula. We're also renowned for our premium lamb, beef, apples, kiwifruit, wine, honey, rock lobster, and processed foods.

As an island nation with strong biosecurity controls, New Zealand is free of a wide range of animal and plant diseases, giving us higher yields and excellent market access for our products. Our stringent food safety and biosecurity measures have earned us a global reputation as a trusted supplier of quality products and ingredients to many of the world’s major global food and beverage companies.


New Zealand has a highly transparent and rigorous food safety system, overseen by the New Zealand Government’s Ministry for Primary Industries. This includes clear food safety laws that apply across the food production supply chain, ensuring our food and beverage products can be enjoyed with confidence. 

Built on the foundations of dairy, meat and seafood, New Zealand is increasingly gaining a reputation as creators of exciting and innovative food and beverage products. We have developed a wide range of systems to process food in a safe, cost-effective way, without compromising natural taste or nutrition. Our producers continue to look for areas to innovate, grow and diversify, backed by investment in R&D across the industry.



out of 113 countries for food safety




New Zealand dairy exports for year ended March 2019



people around the world consume New Zealand food

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